Step Back In Time..

All tours will leave within the first 5 minutes of each hour and will return in roughly 50 minutes.


City of Milwaukee
Adult (ages 16-59) $10 
Child (7-15) $8
Senior (ages 60+) $8

Acacia Tours
Acacia tours are self guided and are $5 per person.

Combo Rates
Adult Tour Both ships $12
Child Tour Both ships $10
Senior Tour Both ships $10

All persons under 6 years old are free!

School Groups
We offer group rates for large groups and offer great oppourtunities for immersive learning.

Hours of Operation

July and August
Mon 11-3 Wed 11-3 Thurs 11-4 Fri 11-5 Sat 11-5 Sun 12-4
Mon 11-3 Thurs 11-3 Fri 11-5 Sat 11-5 Sun 11-4
Sept 8th last day for tours.